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Technology is changing the way things are done and giving life to new, previously unthinkable business models. From basic needs like education to services in fintech and health, there’s massive potential for more exciting, more impactful and more profitable enterprises. At Mealimeter, we are on this journey and want to take others along.

So, our team is committing 20% of our time to develop content on African innovation and help idea-stage to big corporations rethink their technology, user experience and business models.
case study

Case Studies: Successes & failures

We’ll write a monthly blog post on a project we have worked on - the lessons we learned and what we liked or disliked about it. In other posts, we’ll share our opinion about interesting projects and startups in Africa.


African Innovation Podcast

Every month, we speak to an African innovator to understand their journey with innovation and then, dissect another industry they are interested in.



Considering starting a business, expanding a current one or using technology to improve a service? We’ll help with sprints, business model innovation, startup marketing, all from a global perspective of course. Global-level innovation with deep local context.