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If life gives you lemons, make lemonades

If life gives you a pandemic and you can’t serve your current set of customers, just Innovate?

Our research and work in vending since the pandemic led to a shutdown of offices (our primary constituency) has led us to many new use cases - some a direct copy of what you’ll find abroad, others, very unique to our local context.

Labs @ Mealimeter is experimenting and building vending solutions for different use cases and industries. Hats off to the ATM machine - probably the most used vending technology in Nigeria. We want to innovate for Nigeria and build local knowledge in this sector at Mealimeter Labs.

Innovate or ....

Case Study 1

Bringing the food court experience to medium-sized teams using Technology

Business with 30-100 employees (200+ in some cases), one of the challenges is the absence of quality cafeteria service. You’re in one of these categories

  1. Your offices has no cafeteria service.
  2. Your office has one or two food vendors with limited options (especially for people who want to eat right).
  3. Your office has a daily ordering plan (also with limited options) so you try to stay within what is available.
  4. Your office has a cafeteria service but no breakfast service.
Mealimeter in office

Employees are likely solving this problem by:

  1. Patronising local food vendors around the office.
  2. Walking or riding to restaurants.
  3. Ordering meals online.
  4. In some cases, bringing meals from home.
  5. Skipping meals (e.g skip breakfast to have a good lunch).

Here’s why your office is how it is:

  1. Setting up a cafeteria service costs money - real estate, equipment, etc.
  2. It requires administration and consistent quality control - selecting vendors, handling complaints, ensuring service delivery.

This case study examines this problem and explains how Mealimeter is attempting to transform office feeding in Africa

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Case Study 2

Document/Parcel Pickup - Parchost

Banks and Visa collection services have a common challenge. Very long queues. Nobody likes queues. With COVID-19, avoiding crowded indoors has become more critical for both customers and service agents.

Banks have made a lot of progress with reducing crowds in locations. Internet banking and Automated Teller Machines mean customers can perform transactions from outside the banking hall.

Because of regulatory issues, some activities still need to be performed in person. There’s one that doesn’t have to though - the pickup of “personal banking tools” like ATM cards, cheque books, etc.

Our team is attempting to use self-serve machines (combined with some human verification where required) to help customers access these banking tools with ease and in a safe and convenient manner.
Parchost on site

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