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Let's make it super-easy to get hot or cold nutritious meals in your building

Get a free Mealimeter

Get an affordable meal in 30 seconds!

Mealimeter provides access to fresh and nutritious meals, snacks and beverages via a Mealimeter kiosk in your location, daily. No more long queues, change, card transaction failures, etc. We’ve designed mealimeter specifically for our local environment and made sure none of these issues prevent your employees from getting healthy meals, fast!


Savings on healthy meal Options:

No delivery costs, Very low overheads, Sourcing directly from farmers

Great menu:

Get access to carefully curated healthy meals and snacks from the best vendors in Nigeria. No junk.

Organisation specific Meal planning:

Meaimeter helps organisations create mealplans specific to their employee needs and operational hours.

IOT-supported Food kiosk with Real-time Monitoring:

Automated Restocking Your office will never run out of your favorites.


There is a Mealimeter for everyone

Select an option to get a free Mealimeter automated kiosk installed in your location.

We don't do it alone

We work with passionate Farmers and food entrepreneurs within the nutrition ecosystem to provide fresh, healthy and tasty meals to our customers. We help them increase demand and provide real-time data on customer behavior for future product development.